Zimmer mit Balkon in Aschau
Winter im Zillertal
Sommer im Zillertal

Living in harmony with nature

Our agricultural business comprises 13 hectares of pastures and 12 hectares of forest. Our pastures are cut three and sometimes four times between spring and autumn. In this way we can provide for enough hay during the winter months. 

Our animals get grass from fresh, green pastures during summer and additional maize or corn during autumn.

Our agricultural company

Our primary business activity is cattle and milk. We have 30 dairy cows and approx. 25 young cattle besides a few calfs in our stable.  The animals are taken to the alpine pastures in summer, where they enjoy their summer holiday, during which two herdsmen and dairymen look after them. Our herdsmen as well as the animals appreciate your visit.

Indulge in our dairy products during breakfast buffet. Butter, cheese and milk - ALL NATURAL - simply wonderful. 

When the cattle return home, to the valley in autumn, quite a few villages celebrate this event, the popular "Almabtrieb", the ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley, with lots of regional music and culinary delights.  

Have you never experienced an Almabtrieb? It's about time!